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Ontario Lung Association releases new IAQ Report

The Ontario Lung Association has completed a detailed review of best available research studies into the respiratory health effects of air pollutants common to residential settings. The results will help to guide The Lung Association in further developing their C.A.N. DO program (Movement for Clean Air Now). In the summer of 2001, The Lung Association also commissioned a public opinion survey, assessing attitudes and beliefs of Ontarians on issues related to indoor and outdoor air quality.

Both documents are now available at The report, entitled "Indoor Air Pollutants in Residential Settings", is referenced in the database, along with a partial summary of its conclusions under the topic "Making Practical Changes with Present Evidence".

Your feedback on the Lung Association report is welcomed to Brian Stocks, Air Quality Manager, Ontario Lung Association.

U.S Counterpart Working on Healthy Schools Conference

Healthy Schools Network Inc., a New York State based advocacy organization, is working to organize a U.S. national healthy schools conference in the fall of 2001. HSN Inc. has recently released a report looking at OSHA (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, rules and regulations most relevant to the school environment. They are also working with a coalition to ensure good use is made of a new U.S. federal fund of $1.1 billion for urgent repairs to schools in all U.S. States. For more information visit's reference page for HSN Inc., our case study page for HSN Inc., and the HSN Inc. website.

HealthySchools Now Accepts Personal Experiences

A new feature of allows you to post your own personal experiences. Instructions for doing so can be reached from the home page under Submitting Your Experiences. Personal experiences already posted are listed in the index.

HealthySchools Database Recovers from Computer Crash

The Elosoft Internet SQL Server that is hosting this site suffered a meltdown at the end of November, 2000, temporarily derailing the database. We parachuted in a team of cyberspace repair experts and rebuilt the database, at the same time incorporating needed improvements, particularly in input routines that were slowing down the filling of the database. These improvements are now in place and the database is once again expanding.

Beta-Testing Group is still open for "beta-testing". A small group of dedicated school board officials and others in related fields is putting the basic site and search engine through its paces. To review the responsibilities of the beta-Group, click here.

Visitors and school board participants are welcome to try out the site and to offer suggestions to the working group by e-mail to

If you would like to join the beta-group, please contact Krista Friesen at Pollution Probe at (416)-926-1907. If you part of a school board and would like access to the schoolboard services section of the site, please contact Krista as well.

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