Submitting Your Experiences

HealthySchools.Com welcomes your experiences. If you have a personal story to tell, whether a problem or a solution, with a happy ending or otherwise, please tell us about it. We will post the results in our "Experiences" section.

To do so, click here and write your story directly into the e-mail, paste it in, or append it as a file. Please be succinct - two or three paragraphs would be fine. Send a picture as well if you have one. Please indicate whether you are a student, parent, teacher, school board employee/official or other (e.g. neighbour, researcher, etc.), the approximate geographic location of your story, and how you would like to be identified (e.g. remain anonymous, be identified by first name or initials only, or be identified by your full name). Your e-mail address will not be displayed unless you request it.

If you have favourite websites, reports or references in electronic format that you think would be relevant to, please send them along as well.

If you and your school or school board have undertaken specific indoor air quality activities in the form of investigations, case studies, management plans, policies, procedures, checklists, surveys, questionnaires, or any other experience that you feel you could share with other boards as a Topic, Case Study or Reference, please send this information (along with pictures, if you have them) by e-mail in any format to or by mail in hard copy to Technology and Health Foundation at #1661 Conc. 2, R.R.#3, Stouffville, Ontario L4A 7X4. Please indicate whether you would like it generally viewable or available to school board subscribers only.

If you or your organization wish to be listed as a resource to other students, parents, teachers and school board employees/officials, please send contact information along with a picture, if available, to Please indicate whether you would like your contact record to be generally viewable or available to school board subscribers only.

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