What is HealthySchools.com?

HealthySchools.com is a proactive tool to help Ontario school boards identify, prevent, and remediate indoor environment problems that could otherwise affect children's health and learning adversely.

HealthySchools.com contains instructions on "best practices" for creating healthier indoor environments in schools. The site will be continuously updated with the experiences of school boards themselves. HealthySchools.com is available directly through the Internet (www.healthyschools.com) and by hard copy with the help of school librarians with Internet connections.

Why is it needed?

At present there are no guidelines, policies or programs that specifically protect children from health risks associated with poor indoor environmental quality in Ontario schools. Yet research and experience have proven that indoor environmental contaminants can have a significant effect on children's health and learning ability, and that children are more susceptible to harm from environmental contaminants than are adults.

What are the benefits?

We can create school environments in which children will be healthier and learn better. We can manage school environments more proactively and save money on breakdowns, liability, crisis intervention and absenteeism due to staff illness. Less illness means lower health costs for Ontario and less disruption for parents, and better futures for our children.

What kind of support is needed right now?

In addition to further funding, HealthySchools.com needs visible endorsements to encourage school board participation across Ontario. Government departments and agencies having responsibilities for health, indoor air quality, education, building design, product safety and the welfare of children are all invited to stand up in support of this work. Corporations, non-profit organizations, small business, parents groups and interested individuals are also invited and encouraged to speak up in favour of this co-operative initiative. To register your support, please send an e-mail to healthyschools@envirodesic.com.

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